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Data is very important to Flight Data Services and we take all reasonable steps to ensure that it is secure, being accessible only by those who have the right of use. What follows are some of the protections that Flight Data Services have in place to protect data in our control.

General Protection

Flight Data Services uses state-of-the-art firewall protection for all sites to help control unwanted access to data. The core firewall software is updated as and when a new release is made available to ensure protection from the most recently identified security loopholes. Flight Data Services also uses Intrusion Protection Systems (IPS) to help prevent scripted attacks particularly from automated attacks (bots). It too is updated as and when a new release is made available.

Flight Data Connect Users Accounts and Passwords

When new customers sign with Flight Data Services they are asked for at least one person, within their company, to assume the Flight Data Connect Gatekeeper role. Once assigned, this is the only role that is capable of instigating the creation of new users for that company. They are asked to provide unique email addresses for these new users and account credential are emailed directly bypassing everyone else and ensuring that credentials are kept private. Accounts that are setup in this way will only allow access to their data. Similarly, account deletion can only be authorised by the gatekeeper. It is therefore the responsibility of the customer to maintain access to their data.

Users must never share their account details with anyone. Flight Data Services will never ask for details relating to access credentials.

Flight Data Services works closely with our safety team, supplying the quality information that we need to make safety management decisions... it's like having our own specialist data analysis department available 24/7.

Flight Safety Manager
Norwegian Air Shuttle, Norway

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