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Current Flight Data Management (FDM) systems typically follow a four stage process.


Experience quick and easy transfer through innovative, feature-rich Flight Data Connect technology. Simply insert any media into a computer running Flight Data Connect transfer software, and your data is automatically sent for analysis, with the media prepared for re-use. We can supply you with the data transfer hardware you need to get you up and running with an FDM program suited to your operation.

Always on the leading edge of technology, Flight Data Connect also supports all current wireless transfer protocols.


Flight Data Connect uses the most advanced data analysis techniques to process raw flight data into useful information, including:

  • Safety event analysis identifies high risk moments in a flight
  • Maintenance analysis highlights maintenance manual exceedances precisely
  • Key Point Value (KPV) analysis provides a map of the normal operation of the aircraft, as a baseline for further analysis
  • Statistical presentation of events and KPVs provides greater insight into your operation
  • Fuel usage analysis informs your efficiency program and emissions reporting


Expert validation of flight events is essential to achieve the highest levels of system reliability and to understand the background context of an event. Flight Data Connect technology provides the tools for this validation:

  • Flight lists with extensive search facilities
  • Event-specific information clearly presented
  • Graphs, charts and flight displays
  • Airport and weather database to supplement the flight data

To maximize the value of your safety program, outsource your data validation to us. Each of our highly trained, expert analysts has a wealth of aviation experience - as flight crew, navigation, engineering, dispatch or air traffic control, and is happy to provide you with the information and tools you need to make the most of your safety program.


The Flight Data Connect web site supports evaluation of the information extracted from the flight data. The evaluation needs to be in the context of your operation and may require blending flight data results with other information such as pilot reports, air traffic control procedures etc. to fully understand the event or statistic.

Following evaluation, you make a fully informed decision towards improving safety in your operation.

Flight Data Services works closely with our safety team, supplying the quality information that we need to make safety management decisions... it's like having our own specialist data analysis department available 24/7.

Flight Safety Manager
Norwegian Air Shuttle, Norway

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